There are things that are way better

when they are close together

Let’s keep them together



3M Gold Distributor
More than 50 years of experience in adhesive technologies.
We provide our customers with the best possible support
in the execution of the most complex projects.
How? Thanks to our strengths and our values: we listen to your needs,
we study the most suitable solutions, focusing on quality,
technicality and innovation.

About us

Biemme Adesivi S.r.l. was founded in 1965 and within a few years became a preferred Distributor of 3M for adhesive technologies for industry, establishing a long-established partnership with the world leader in the adhesives sector.

Over the years, Biemme has developed the necessary expertise to become a reliable and qualified partner for its customers, supporting and accompanying them in problem-solving, as well as process design and industrialisation.

Our strength lies in our technical expertise, the result of the company’s ongoing training and continued scientific innovation in the industrial chemical field. We now know that adhesive technologies allow us to replace the most common and widespread mechanical attachment systems, increasing productivity and impacting the environment less – using extremely functional, cutting-edge and increasingly green solutions.

We strongly believe that the union of several parts can give rise to technical solutions that have not yet been thought of or used, and then simply…


Let’s keep then together


Every day, our technicians take advantage of the new adhesive solutions offered by 3M
to solve adhesion problems


We can cut in half or cut through any shape requested by the customer.

Laser Cutting & Oscillating Blade

High-speed laser cutting and productivity
for highly accurate processing
with cutting accuracy of + 0 / – 0.1 mm

Roll Cutting

Cutting of rolls of double-sided adhesive, single-sided adhesives and expanded foam of a minimum of 3 mm in width.


The creation of customised sheets
upon the customer’s request,
starting from rolls or from larger sheets.


Coupling, even when hot, of single- and double-sided adhesive with mixed surfaces on reels or sheets.


Thanks to our precision machinery, we are able to supply rolls or reels in various sizes, always guaranteeing a high-quality product.



In 2011, Biemme decided to take a new direction
The online sale of 3M branded Adhesives products to the Italian and International public“.
Since then, with its portal it has been a leader and a point of reference for the resale of standard and customised adhesive products for the industry in various sectors: from transport, which includes the automotive, aeronautical and naval sectors, to paper, lighting, household appliances, architecture, design and furniture.




Biemme Adesivi Distributore autorizzato 3M Tesa Sika