Industrial-level digital cutting using new Zund Cutter technology with lubricated bladefor machining on foams and polyurethane foams

With much satisfaction we have the pleasure to present a new technology in Biemme Group plants cutting Plotter also with lubricated blade to work as a Waterjet “water cutting” but not going to break through the entire piece but being able therefore to work also on machining where half cutting is required.
Thanks to this new technology Biemme Group is able to provide new custom machining of aspansi and foams in general for making gaskets, anti-condensation filters, anti-vibration, shockproof containers for packaging and more…



With the following technology we can guarantee precision, speed, versatility in cutting countless products such as fabrics, leathers or compact foams even of important heights.



Efficient tool management  
Zünd’s unique modular design allows you to configure the tools you need in just a few simple steps.
This flexibility allows you to react immediately when production requirements change, saving time and money.



Materials up to 110 mm thick can be processed
G3 cutters are available with arm heights of 30, 60 or 120 mm. Depending on the configuration, materials up to 110 mm thick can be processed. Therefore, it will be possible to take advantage of more flexibility and versatility to meet customers’ needs



Integrated tool initialization  
The automatic initialization system allows you to adjust blades, cutters and creasing wheels quickly, accurately and efficiently.
No manual adjustment work is required to determine the depth of cut.



Precision in the details  
Zünd cutters are high-precision machines. All components have been worked out and designed to interact perfectly, from the drive systems to the cutting blade: production is efficient and you can surprise your customers with perfect results.



With the following technology, it is also possible to cut plastics with high hardness, metals, polyolefins and polyurethanes even of considerable thickness, wood fibers, PET and carbon fibers.




Machinable materials:
– Polyurethane foam
– Polyurethane Agglomerate
– Expanded Melamine
– Polyester fiber
– Rubber elastomers
– PVC Elastomers
– Nitrile PVC
– Expanded Polyethylene
– Compact Rubbers
– Mylar

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