Biemme offers innovative adhesive solutions for the assembly of plastic, metal and aesthetic components for the home appliances market

The design of innovative appliances is constantly evolving and to meet all the demands of engineers, designers and professionals, the best adhesive technologies are necessary.

With the support of specialists 3M and Tesa, the Biemme Adesivi Group has a considerable portfolio of solutions that continue to evolve, by analysing from time to time the production needs of the major household appliance brands that rely on our experience of over 50 years in the sector.


Our adhesive solutions can help you optimise spaces during the design phase, also improving the design, eliminating mechanical fixings and lightening the total weight of the appliance, making the product more compact and dynamic.

Make your project a reality

Take advantage of the power of 3M and Tesa high-performance thin double-sided adhesives for hard-to-stick surfaces, such as plastic on metal, rubber on plastic, and foam on chrome surfaces.

Open your mind to new materials and design possibilities.

Our technical staff will support you through the various phases of choosing the most suitable adhesive based on the materials to be coupled and any customised solutions, such as die-cut double-sided adhesives, starting from a technical drawing .dxf

Whether it is a job, a hobby or simply a passion, the staff at Biemme Adesivi can help you to keep all kinds of boats at their best. 3M adhesives and sealants are recognised industry standards. Our solutions for nautical surface preparation include abrasives, masking tapes and the 3M Perfect-it finishing system for gelcoats. Biemme’s staff adds customised adhesive solutions to standard 3m products to glue and seal aesthetic components, mouldings, decorative plastic surfaces, furnishing components and structural metal surfaces.

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In 2011, Biemme decided to take a new direction
The online sale of 3M branded Adhesives products to the Italian and International public“.
Since then, with its portal it has been a leader and a point of reference for the resale of standard and customised adhesive products for the industry in various sectors: from transport, which includes the automotive, aeronautical and naval sectors, to paper, lighting, household appliances, architecture, design and furniture.


Biemme Adesivi Distributore autorizzato 3M Tesa Sika