tesa® 6190 Combitape Nastro sigillante biadesivo per scatole in film PET da 205µm con nastro a strappo integrato

New Tesa 6190 and 5190 Combitape adhesive solution for closing corrugated packaging

Although there are generally only five touch points in the traditional retail supply chain, there can be 20 or more in the e-commerce supply chain. E-commerce packaging must therefore be very sturdy to reliably protect products from damage. At the same time, consumer expectations are increasing. They demand secure packaging that is also convenient.

Our tesa ® Combitape solutions combine the benefits of secure packaging and convenience: the double-sided tesa ® 6190 Combitape e tesa ® 5190 Combitape Light  tapes seal boxes and cardboard bags with exceptional reliability. But thanks to the integrated tear strip, opening the package is also easy for consumers. Another advantage is that there is no need to maintain a gap between the adhesive tape and the tear strip. tesa ® Combitape solutions thus reduce the size of the envelope flap, saving valuable material while leaving room for new design options.n.

Let’s discuss the advantages in using tesa ® 6190 Combitape and tesa ® 5190 Combitape Light in everyday use

tesa ® Combitape solutions are proving their value, especially in everyday use. In production, in-line application not only speeds up the pace of production; the tape is also supplied in long-life reels to reduce changeover times on machines. Further efficiency advantages come from the fact that the double-sided tape and tear strip can be applied simultaneously on a single dispenser.

For online retailers and logistics centers, other advantages are even more important. tesa  ® 6190 Combitape and tesa ® 5190 Combitape Light have an extended coating (also known as fingerlift), which makes removing the coating quick and easy . Suppliers appreciate the “easy peel and seal” closure, which is not only convenient and efficient, but also ensures that the package does not open unintentionally.

For consumers, well-considered and reliable packaging designs contribute to a positive brand image and a pleasant customer experience. They can open the package without frustration while the risk of injury or product damage from scissors and cutters is virtually eliminated.


Did you know that you can apply the following product automatically with Enimac tape applicators quickly and easily ? Why don’t you try tesa ® 6190 Combitape and tesa ® 5190 Combitape Light yourself by requesting a free demo at our showroom located at Via monzoro, 58 – 20007 Cornaredo Mi.