The Biemme Adesivi Group
with over 50 years of experience
in the conversion of adhesive products

Full Cutting (Die Cutting)

We cut through the roof, even with a full cut. We cut all the layers that make up the single or coupled adhesive material to obtain individual shapes, separated from each other.

Half Cutting (kiss cutting)

In this case, the adhesive, composed of two or more layers, is engraved and cut into the shape requested by the customer. An example is the labels, anchored on the liner of the sheet or roll, which is not engraved in the outline of the labels. Another example is adhesive seals. Sheets and rolls can be cut into the desired sizes.


High-speed laser cutting and productivity for highly accurate processing with cutting accuracy of + 0 / – 0.1 mm

Through-cuts, half-cuts and engravings can be carried out on many types of materials, allowing any shape to be produced without the need for implants.


Biemme Adesivi Distributore autorizzato 3M Tesa Sika