Tesa packaging tapes FSC certified to contribute to sustainability

Tesa and Biemme Group aim to help the environment by offering increasingly green adhesive solutions such as Tesa’s new fully FSC-certified line to contribute to sustainability.

As a company, Tesa is renowned for its expertise in designing adhesives and adhesive tapes that are now more sustainable than ever before.

In terms of product sustainability, tesa has taken a holistic and scientific approach.


We develop and produce more environmentally friendly adhesive solutions through the use of bio-based or recycled raw materials in ingredients, solvent-free production, or their ability to be recycled.
Responsible sourcing of raw materials has played an increasingly important role in recent years.

On the other hand, we help our customers increase the sustainability of their products and processes with our innovative uses of products.
Adhesives are more important than ever.

Bonded materials can be separated again if the adhesive is designed accordingly. Broken products can be repaired with adhesives instead of being discarded. Adhesive bonds have the power to replace screwed or welded joints and make cars lighter, for example, by reducing the amount of energy needed for propulsion.

One step ahead

We take sustainability seriously and continually strive to make our products and assortment more sustainable. To promote our initiatives and efforts, this distinctive indicator is designed to highlight our most sustainable products by meeting one of the following criteria:


  • Using certified responsible sourcing of raw materials: for paper, the indicator indicates certification from FSC TM certified forests and other controlled sources (FSC ® C148769).
  • Promote a significant proportion of organic/recycled material in at least one of the product components.
  • Enhance circularity with our products by improving the recyclability or recycling compatibility of our products.

This means that whenever you notice the indicator next to our products, rest assured that the specific product will help you achieve your goal of consciously opting for more sustainable products. It is a step forward for us as a brand and for you, our customer.


Tesa insieme a FSC sostiene la sostenibilità utilizzando prodotti reciclati



Sustainable wood and paper sourcing.

Together with FSC®, we support sustainable forestry. Look for FSC® certification on our products.





Product sustainability begins with the product life cycle

Tesa, a manufacturer of adhesive tapes, is increasing its focus on the sustainability of its products. This involves examining environmental and social impacts at every stage of the product life cycle. Tesa has launched new adhesive tapes, such as tesa pack® Bio & Strong and tesa pack® Paper Standard, that are designed to be more sustainable. However, it is not always possible to improve all aspects of product sustainability at once. Tesa is continuing to develop new concepts and processes in its laboratories to improve the sustainability of its products over time.

Recycled and bio-based raw materials

Tesa already uses bio-based materials such as natural rubber and natural resins in the production of its adhesive tapes. Polylactic acid and vegetable corn starch were used as a base for the first time in 2021 in the new tesa pack® Bio & Strong packaging tape.

Tesa also uses responsibly sourced paper for the backings and/or liners of its adhesive tapes, such as FSC®.-certified paper. Recycled films and plastics are used in tesa® EcoLogo products, which have been around for ten years. Tesa will release new products every year to keep up with innovations in the industry and meet the needs of its customers.

Below we present a number of Tesa products with
FSC® C148769 certification

Tesa 4713 Standard Paper CST
Tesa 60400 BIo e Strong
Tesa 4313 Premium Paper CST
Tesa 60013 Filament CST
Tesa 60412 Recycled PET CST
Tesa 60408 Bio-Based Paper
Tesa 4513 Superior Paper CST
Tesa 60013 FSC Relaunch

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