Sale of adhesives and tapes for industry
with relevant useful accessories
for correct use


Single-sided adhesive tape (adhesive only on one side)
is a product consisting of a non-adhesive support
(polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, etc.) on one side
and a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the other.
There are many types of single-sided adhesive tapes
for the most varied applications:
we create protective tapes, metallic, polyester, anti-abrasion type TPK, anti-vibration tapes and many others,
perfect to meet every need.


They are part of the family of technical tapes that can now
be found in many markets, from the automotive sector to the naval sector, from the artisan sector, to the furniture or electronics sectors.
It is a tape with adhesive on both sides with a support
of various thicknesses and that can be made of different materials (polyester, polythene, foams, etc.);
the adhesive mass is found on both sides and is protected by silicone or plastic liner.


There are various types of adhesives, single-component
and dual-component, of natural or synthetic origin.
In the industrial field there has been a strong development
of synthetic adhesives, so there are cyanoacrylate (instantaneous), polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl, single-component or dual-component, silicone, acrylic adhesives with and without solvents and neoprene adhesives.
A wide range to discover!


The creation of customised sheets upon the customer’s request, starting from rolls or from larger sheets.


The electric tape distributor for VHB acrylic foam tapes,
as well as other types of tapes, automatically distributes
and cuts foam tapes up to 2″ (50.8 mm) in width.
The desired length is quickly and easily programmed digitally,
and the applicator will dispense and cut with an accuracy
of +/- 1 mm.
Often used in industrial environments where optimisation
of labour times is required.


In 2011, Biemme decided to take a new direction
The online sale of 3M branded Adhesives products to the Italian
and International public
Since then, with its portal it has been a leader
and a point of reference for the resale of standard and customised adhesive products for the industry in various sectors:
from transport, which includes the automotive, aeronautical and naval sectors, to paper, lighting, household appliances, architecture,
design and furniture.


Biemme Adesivi Distributore autorizzato 3M Tesa Sika