The Biemme technical team offers adhesive solutions for the assembly of plastic, metal, and fabric components, batteries for electrical or hybrid systems, and mouldings for the interior and exterior of the car.

As the automotive manufacturing landscape evolves, two things are needed to glue and assemble car interiors: design freedom and production efficiency.

The Biemme Adesivi group, with the support of 3M specialists, has a considerable portfolio of solutions that continue to evolve, analysing the production needs of the large automotive brands that rely on our experience from time to time.


Our adhesive solutions can help you optimise spaces during the design phase, also improving the design of the interiors, eliminating mechanical fixings and lightening the total weight of the vehicle, making driving comfort more pleasant and dynamic.

When autonomy, thermal efficiency, safety and the customer experience become critical challenges, our team, with more than 50 years of experience, offers a strong combination of materials and technologies to meet the requirements of lightness, heat loss and acoustic damping. These solutions include enhancement and shielding tapes, 3M™ hollow glass microspheres, electrical resins, engineered fluids, and more.

Double-sided adhesives for interior useĀ 

Our selection of adhesive tapes for automotive interiors allows you to create durable bonds where mechanical attachments cannot. This includes the covering of the frame and the fixing of the frame, TNT adhesive tapes for the gluing of soft covers on armrests, consoles and much more. The tapes can be thin, extra-thick, made of foam, rubber, or felt according to production needs to assemble interior coverings of the seats, the dashboard, the doors or for acoustic solutions.

Outdoor and glass

To allow design flexibility, 3M has developed adhesives and tapes that stick almost anywhere on the vehicle. Now you can attach finishes, brackets, gaskets and more at points that you simply could not use with traditional attachment methods. The temporary and permanent attachment solutions are highly conformable for precise and clean joining lines throughout the project.

Liquid or double-sided adhesive for gluing glass

Double-sided adhesive for gluing door shockproof bands

Adhesive and glue for gluing flaps and stop lights

Double-sided adhesive for gluing door buffers

Personalised protective adhesive for roof racks

Double-sided adhesive and protector for aesthetic mouldings

Personalised double-sided adhesive for fender wheels

Double-sided adhesive for gluing headlight washer accessories

Double-sided adhesive and moulded protector for car sill guards

Die-cut double-sided adhesive logo or car emblem

Die-cut double-sided adhesive for gluing antennas and GPS

Double-sided adhesive for window chrome assembly

Die-cut adhesive for parking sensor assembly

Die-cut protector for protecting glossy profiles on the door

Glue for gluing car sills

Personalised double-sided adhesive or protector for car wheel logos

Adhesive for gluing aesthetic moulding
for audio systems

Die-cut double-sided adhesive for autonomous driving sensors

Whether it for is a new project, a repair, a hobby or simply a passion, the staff at Biemme Adesivi can help you to choose adhesive products for the assembly of components for cars. 3M and Tesa adhesives and sealants are recognised automotive industry standards. Our solutions for surface preparation include abrasives, masking tapes and the 3M Perfect-it finishing system for gelcoats. Biemme’s staff adds customised adhesive solutions to standard 3m products to glue and seal aesthetic components, mouldings, decorative plastic surfaces, furnishing components and structural metal surfaces.

Thanks to innovative 3M and Tesa
adhesive technologies, Biemme specialists support
car manufacturers by offering solutions for the assembly
of batteries for electric or hybrid vehicles

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In 2011, Biemme decided to take a new direction
The online sale of 3M branded Adhesives products to the Italian and International public“.
the Italian and International public”.
Since then, with its portal it has been a leader and a point of reference for the resale of standard and customised adhesive products for the industry in various sectors: from transport, which includes the automotive, aeronautical and naval sectors, to paper, lighting, household appliances, architecture, design and furniture.


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