The BIEMME ADESIVI SRL Quality Policy aims at objectives and practices that, in addition to fully meeting the regulations applicable to the business sector, allow the continuous improvement of the Quality of products and service provided, in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.
BIEMME ADESIVI SRL performs processing and marketing of adhesive tapes, biadesive and glues.
Through the careful training of the staff, the selection of suppliers, the checks carried out on raw materials and products during and at the end of the processing, it is proposed to achieve the full satisfaction of the customer.
The guidelines for achieving complete customer satisfaction for continuous improvement are:
Training of all internal resources, to ensure, in addition to the continuous updating of their knowledge regarding quality requirements and what is required for the proper performance of the activities provided by their duties, the awareness of the relevance and importance of their role. In order to achieve the best results, Biemme s.a.s in addition to paying great attention to the planning and implementation of staff training, checks at the end of each course, the effectiveness of the training carried out and the awareness achieved.
Attention to communication both between internal and external resources in order to increase everyone’s knowledge and skills and the ability to work in groups, for common goals.
Continued propensity for improvement through continuous monitoring of processes and customer satisfaction, analysis of potential issues and possible issues, and a commitment to identify and implement resolution actions in a timely manner.
Acquisition of the recommendations and suggestions dictated by the EU Directives, with regard to workplace and product safety.
Awareness that Quality is the company’s top priority to improve the quality of products, the service offered to customers and the work of everyone.
In order to meet what is expressed in this Quality Policy, the Management has defined for the different business functions, Quality Objectives measurable and consistent with the Policy, the actions to be taken in achieving them, the necessary time and resources.