Success factors

The strengths of BIEMME ADESIVI include, first and foremost, the company’s capacity to focus on the requirements of its clients and to supply those clients, in next to no time, with a customised solution to any assembly or adhesion problem they may face.

To ensure that it retains its position at the forefront of the adhesives industry, BIEMME ADESIVI invests substantial resources in training, innovation and R&D, thus helping to guarantee the high quality of the company’s products and services.

Other factors in the success of BIEMME ADESIVI include:

  • Partnership with 3M, world leader in the adhesives sector
  • Real-time estimates
  • Flexibility in manufacturing and short turnaround times
  • Unrivalled attention to detail throughout the various processing phases, all of which are carried out in-house
  • Reliability of high production standards
  • Compliance with the timescales agreed in advance with the client