Applications of adhesive tape

BIEMME ADESIVI can apply double-sided adhesive to any format of advertising hoarding, envelopes, cards, samples
and stoppers with dimensions of between 4cm and 110cm.

Our decades of experience in the industry and our partnership with 3M allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive
range of double-sided adhesives for use on any type of surface, from coated paper to plastic and UV-coated card, aswell
as PPL and PVC sheets.

Our range of double-sided adhesives includes removable tapes, moulding tapes and tapes with transparent protection to
allow the printed text below to be read. Our machinery can also be used on stapled brochures with a thickness of up to
4mm and is extremely versatile, making it possible for us to achieve consistently excellent quality and high levels of

Over the years, our personnel have consolidated their expertise in the field of adhesives – as such, they have what it takes to assist you during the design phase to ensure maximum yield per sheet, thus reducing delivery times and overheads .

The advantages may be summarised as follows:

  • Immediate bonding, with no drying times
  • Clean application
  • Exact definition of lengths
  • Precise tape positioning
  • Lower labour costs.

If you’re interested in the result, just think about what you need… and leave the rest to us.