• Biemme Adesivi S.r.l.

    BIEMME ADESIVI S.r.l. was launched in 1965 as the preferred industrial distributor for 3M. Since then, the company has gone on to consolidate its relationship with the leading names in the adhesives sector worldwide.

  • Applications of adhesive tape

    BIEMME ADESIVI can apply double-sided adhesive to any format of advertising hoarding, envelopes, cards, samples and stoppers with dimensions of between 4cm and 110cm.

  • Custom processing

    BIEMME ADESIVI, a leading manufacturer of adhesive products, can produce tape in all shapes and sizes, in single strips, sheets or rolls, to meet specific application requirements.

A leading names in the Italian adhesives industry; for more than 50 years


Biadesivizzatrice X-Treme was born from the wish to create a tool for the automatic application of adhesive, that is robust, reliable and flexible in parameterization.

Success factors

The strong point of BIEMME ADHESIVE is primarily the ability to identify customer needs and provide them with a personalized and rapid solution to any problem inherent in the assembly.

Possible processes

Advertising, stationery, electronics, carpentry, furniture, leather goods, marine and light: now you can use adhesive tape across many industries for the production of signs, envelopes, displays and more.

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